OhmForce Offer Infinity Early Access

Ohm force offer a discounted early access version of their upcoming Infinity plugin. Infinity is the pimped out successor of their classic OhmBoyz multi tap delay. It features macros, modulation and a multi fx unit.

OhmForce say it already runs fairly stable, but some bugs are to be expected. There are only a few presets available, documentation is not finished and the user interface will be completely redesigned before the official release. So if you’re now thinking pretty much nothing is finished yet, you’re probably be right.

The final price of the official release is yet unknown, so if the 99 dollars Ohm Force charges you for basically being an alpha tester is as “hefty” of a discount as they call it remains to be seen. But if you plan to buy it anyway, you might as well get it now, save some bucks and freely upgrade to the full version later.


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