Loopmasters Plugin Debut Bass Master Keeps a Low Profile

Loopmasters have released their first instrument plugin today. Bass Master is a sample based VST/AU with a focus on the low end. The two sample slots host a broad selection of 217 sub and top layers from the rich vaults of the British sample specialist. The layered sound can be tweaked with the versatile filter (13 types) with envelope and LFO, a 3-slot mod wheel macro and up to 3 effects including distortion, chorus and reverb. A frequency booster beefs up the sound even further. The 350 included presets range from classic analog-ish synth basses to nasty EDM noise.

The simple and clean user interface with the rather limited sound design possibilities make Bass Master a very focused and specialized plugin with little distraction from its sole concern: Bass, how low can you go?

Bass Master is available now as 64bit VST/AU plugin for Mac and PC for an introductory price of £49.95 GBP / 59 EUR / $69 USD

Buy Bass Master here.


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