Elektron Release 7 OS Updates, Overbridge Beta, New Analog Rytm Synth Engine and…a Bag.

More news from Elektron! After the Swedes have surprisingly announced an upgrade of their distortion and filter processor Analog Heat last week, they now also released new firmware versions for their complete product range. While the Analog Rytm receives a new dual vco synth engine, all Mk1 models lose Overbridge support with the new firmware.

Carl-Mikael and Mr. Dataline talk about the dual vco:

The main reason for the upgrade appears to be preparing all Elektron machines for, here comes the big one, Overbridge 2. An official release date is still unknown, but Elektron have launched the closed beta last week, so Overbridge support for all Elektron machines seems to be close.

As if all this wasn’t enough, Elektron have also released a new, well, bag.




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