Elektron Analog Heat MKII – New Buttons, No Overbridge

Elektron have surprisingly announced an upgrade of their distortion/filter processor Analog Heat. The new revision receives the same encoders, back-lit buttons and larger, sharper OLED screen as all current Elektron products, while the sound engine itself appears to be identical to its predecessor. Unlike the first version, Analog Heat MKII does not support Overbridge at this point.

Elektron have received quite some heat lately from disappointed customers that are still waiting for the long-overdue release of Overbridge (or Neverbridge, as some people call it by now). The control-software for Digitakt and the Mk2 versions of Analog Rytm and Analog Four has been delayed due to technical problems ever since its announcement over a year ago. The release of yet another revision, especially of a product that has been introduced just two years ago, leaves users puzzled and frustrated, as can be read in many upset comments on social networks. While some mourn the premature loss in value of their Mk1 unit, others would like to see the company focus on the delivery of promised features before adding new products and revisions to their product line.

It is admittedly painful to watch some of Elektron‘s latest business moves, and criticism is appropriate. But all marketing mayhem aside, the Swede’s development department is on fire and continues to deliver cutting edge musical instruments, Analog Heat MKII being no exception.


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