Native Instruments TRK-01 Bass Tutorial

In this beginner-friendly in-depth tutorial, Dacci Pucci shows you how to use Native Instrument's new plugin TRK-01 Bass. Everything you will learn applies the full version of TRK-01 as well. TRK-01 Bass is part...

Do U Even Wiggle? Digitakt Compressor Tutorial

In this beginner-friendly video tutorial, Dacci Pucci explains how to use the Digitakt master compressor.

Music Tech News Roundup

Dacci Pucci returns with a new episode of In The Loop, the music tech news update.

The Synth News You Have Missed This Summer

Spent summer at the beach instead of the studio? Chances are you have missed some music tech news. Watch my roundup to get back in the loop!

Roland Go:Mixer Pro Video Review

Roland just announced the Go:Mixer Pro, a portable audio interface for iOS/Android with line-, instrument- and phantom powered mix inputs. Watch our review here...

A Synth for Kids + New Toys by Dreadbox & Arturia (Music Tech Update...

IN THE LOOP is your weekly music tech update, hosted by Dacci Pucci. The latest news from the world of music production hard- and software, every Tuesday and as quick as possible. SHOW LINKS Blipblox: Dreadbox...

In The Loop #05: Crush Pack, Circuit Mono Station & 4 New Softube Plugins!

In this week's music tech roundup, Dacci Pucci presents exciting news from Native Instruments, Softube, Novation, Arturia, Propellerhead and more. Tune in to Dacci's YouTube channel for the latest music tech news, reviews and tutorials. //

Novation Circuit Mono Station Review

The Novation Circuit Mono Station is a paraphonic synthesizer with two analog oscillators, an analog multimode filter, a modulation matrix and a built in sequencer. As the name suggests, it’s sort of a “crossover" between...

In The Loop #04: Output Arcade, Waldorf Kyra & Artificial Drum Intelligence

Here comes the the weekly music tech roundup hosted by Dacci Pucci. The latest news from the world of synthesizers, drum machines and music production technology, every Tuesday on YouTube.