Blipblox is a Synth For Kids (And Their Parents)

Blipblox is a fully functioning synthesizer for children ages 3 and older. It is fun, safe and easy to use, but in difference to most musical toys it features a digital synthesis engine with professional features. Kids can both intuitively noodle around or dive in deeper and learn how to create unique waveforms. And once it’s bedtime for the little ones, Mom and Dad can take it to the studio and have some fun themselves:

• MIDI input for an external keyboard or sequencer controller.
• Eight unique oscillator modulation schemes.
• One Low Pass Filter.
• Two Envelope Generators.
• Two LFOs.
• 3-in/3-out modulation matrix.
• Performance Mode optimizes device display for music production.
• Audio Output jack.

Blipblox’ creators Playtime Engineering launch their Indiegogo campaign today.



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