Atlas is an AI-Powered Drum Sampler Looking for the Perfect Beat

Atlas is a sampler powered with artificial intelligence that automatically recognizes and sorts drum samples. The software is based on developer Algonaut’s proprietary AI SoundClass, which uses customised neural networks, deep learning and tailored audio analysis techniques to categorize and describe audio content.

Atlas finds all drum samples on the hard drive, analyzes and places them on a map based on style and character. The software then generates random drumkits with one click. It „learns“ the user’s taste based on likes/unlikes of the selected drum sounds to improve search results over time. Atlas provides drag and drop sample export so it can replace or accompany the DAWs existing browser. The software supports custom maps (like genre, genre, brand etc.), so it can be utilized to analyze and organize sample packs and even full libraries.

Atlas is an harbinger of a new age of smart music production tools that utilize machine learning and AI to assist musicians during the creation process. As Algonaut claim, it’s not meant to replace the musician, but to solve the problems that get in the way of creativity – such as the endless search for the perfect drum sample. As development progresses, Algonaut will likely implement SoundClass in more complex music software.

Visit the Algonaut website for an opportunity to join the beta test and try Atlas yourself:


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