PreSonus release Studio One 4

Presonus have released a major update to their DAW Studio One.

Studio One 4 Professional comes with a number of new features focusing on arrangement and composition. Harmonic Editing lets you easily try out harmonies, transpositions and chord progressions. Chord Track is a fast, efficient and multi dimensional way to arrange and transpose tracks. Chord Selector makes it easy to experiment with new chord patterns and ideas. Built-in chord detection extracts chords from audio or instrument tracks.

All versions of Studio One 4 come with the new sequencer Studio One Patterns that integrates with Instrument Parts and automation and promises to offer more expressive possibilities than typical step sequencers. Musical Editor adds deeper editing features, speeds up the editing workflow, and simplifies recurring tasks. Drum Editor has been streamlined with enhanced event editing options and a more flexible macro system. Impact has been revamped with new features, transforming the drum module into a production environment for beats and loops. Sample One XT features synthesis-type options and allows sample swapping with other instruments..

Studio One 4 supports the Audio Random Access 2 extension for seamless integration with Melodyne and AAF for data exchange with Pro Tools, Logic, Nuendo, Final Cut Pro, Premiere and other programs.

The professional version is available 399 dollars, Studio One 4 Artist costs 99.95


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