Retroaktiv MPG-70 Controller For Roland Super JX-10/MKS-70

Retroaktiv Synthesizers have announced a controller for the Roland Super JX-10 and MKS-70 synthesizers, which will also work with the JX8P. The rack mountable metal case of the MPG-70 contains 96 buttons, knobs, switches and sliders for direct control of the JX’s parameters. The MPG-70 module was specifically designed for units with the Vecoven 4.12 firmware and PWM board. Other than the original PGM-800 controller by Roland, the MPG-70 allows access to all of the extra voice features added by this mod.

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The MPG-70 module is available for pre-order now in 3 configurations: fully assembled, partly assembled or as a full on DIY kit. Prices range from $ 550 to $ 850 USD. The MPG-70 will only be built when at least 25 units are ordered, so if you own a JX or MKS-70 and you want to bring it to new life, consider getting this module while you have the chance.



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