Plogue Introduce 2 OP-FM Synth PortaFM, Retro Synth Line

Plogue have released the first virtual instrument of their new Chipsynth line. Porta FM is a two operator FM synth inspired by the late 80s Yamaha PortaSound keyboards. It features the same sound engine, but additional controls and modulation features. PortaFM is not sample based, but emulates the low coast YM2413 FM chips that gave the Yamaha PSS keyboards their distinct lo-fi sound. It’s available now for 30 $.

Plogue has not given away any details on the future additions to the Chipsynth line yet, but thanks to UI designer Kiken Corporation we can take a look at the interfaces already. Based on the color schemes, we expect to see instruments inspired by the C64, Nintendo Famicom, Sega MegaDrive and Super Nintendo. Looking forward to that!




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