Pittsburgh Modular Microvolt 3900 Now Shipping

Pittsburgh Modular have started shipping their new semi-modular desktop synth Microvolt 3900. It sports a Westcoast-inspired analog oscillator with 4 simultaneous waveforms and wave folding features, a 2-pole state variable lowpass filter, a dynamic VCA section that replicates the impact transients of acoustic instruments, an arpeggiator, modulation sources like LFO and random, a function generator, an envelope generator and an outpout overdrive stage.

You can completely reroute the signal path with the 39 Eurorack compatible patch points, but its not required as the synth is internally pre-patched. Modulation options in the patch bay include exponential frequency modulation, pulse width and fold timbre. Microvolt 3900 is available now for $629 USD.

Pittsburgh Modular: https://pittsburghmodular.com


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