Izotope introduce Vocal Synth 2

Izotope have introduced a new version of their unique vocal synthesizer and effect plugin Vocal Synth. Vocal Synth 2 features a new module called Biovox which uses modeling of the human vocal tract to adjust vocal characteristics like nasality, vowel shapes, and formants.


The four existing modules Vocoder, Compubox, Talkbox and Polyvox have been upgraded with enhanced controls, more presets and improved sound. Izotope also added two new creative effects, ring mod and chorus. Effects can now be easily reordered by dragging. Other additions to Vocal Synth 2 include the new Anemone interactive visualization, inter-plugin communication with other Izotope plugins like Ozone, Neutron or Tonal Balance and CPU performance improvements.

VocalSynth 2 runs on Mac and PC and is on sale until the end of May for 149 dollars. The regular retail price is § 199 dollars or $ 9.99 a month with Splice rent-to-own. Upgrades for users of Vocal Synth 1 or the Creative Suite are available.

Buy Vocal Synth 2 here.



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