Color by Max For Cats Adds Analog Texture To Your Tracks

Color by Max for Cats is a sound texture device that adds the vibe of analogue machines to digital recordings. It features 6 sections with different types of noise, hiss, drive and wobble to recreate the imperfect set charming feel of vinyl or tape.

The Sections

Vinyl adds different types of vinyl noise as well as tape hiss to the signal. It can be adjusted in volume and pitch and muted by a built in gate when no signal is audible. Wobble simulates the fluctuations and flutter effects of old mechanical tape machines. Phase aligns or misaligns the phase of the signal. Drive adds raw or soft distortion and includes a limiter to prevent the signal from overshooting. Color also contains a fully parametric 3-band EQ and an additional post-gain stage before the output.

Color for Ableton Live 10 requires Max4Live, runs on Mac and PC and is available from Max For Cats for 20 Euro.



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