Circuit Mono Station Gets Updated With New Features

The update of Novation’s Circuit Mono Station firmware to version 1.2 introduces a couple of interesting new features to the synth/sequencer hybrid. The most anticipated is surely Patch Flip. Since the Circuit Mono Station saves patches to its 8×8 pad matrix and loads them blazingly fast by the touch of a finger, users quickly figured out it can be played like a drum machine. Patch Flip now allows to automate these program changes and record them into a sequence, so every step can play a completely different patch – A significant upgrade to the synth’s expressive capabilities.
The Mod Sequence track can now send pitch and gate data to the CV/GATE output to control external modular gear. The LFOs have been decoupled from key sync, which allows for slower, evolving phrases. And finally, the envelope has been upgraded as well and now offers both a legato and re-triggered mode.

For more details on the Circuit Mono Station, read our in-depth review.

Watch Novation’s overview of the update:



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