AudioKit Synth One Is a Free iOS Synth That Doesn’t Suck

I usually don’t get too excited about iOS music apps. The many I bought over the years too often ended up collecting virtual dust and never getting any actual use in my studio. This might change with AudioKit’s new Synth One, which sets itself apart from the myriads of mediocre iOS synths out there in three key aspects: It is free, open-source and it doesn’t suck. The Audio Kit team wanted to create a synthesizer everybody could afford, so they decided to make the app truly and completely free – no limitations, ads, in-app purchases or any of that bogus other apps annoy us with. And unlike many of the unsatisfyingly dumbed down apps I encountered, Synth One’s feature set leaves almost no synth enthusiast’s wish unanswered:

  • 5 Oscillators (2 DCO, FM, Sub, Noise)
  • 4-Pole “Vintage” Low-Pass Filter
  • High-Pass/Band Pass Filters
  • 2 LFOs with multiple routing possibilities
  • 100+ Alternative Scales & Tunings
  • 16-Step Sequencer
  • Poly arpeggiator
  • Touchable ADSR Envelopes for Amp & Filter
  • Reverb & Delay
  • MIDI in (Control with a MIDI Keyboard or DAW)

Watch the story behind Synth One here:



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